We are committed to providing supreme early childhood education and care for children ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years. Our kindergartens near me readiness pathway offers the option to create the most appropriate path for your child to elementary school and future academic success, empowering leaders of tomorrow.

Programs for Infants: 0 To 12 Months

Our infant programs primarily focus on originating a fostering and learning platform that lets your child feel safe and secure. We issue you a detailed report of your child's day so that you cannot miss a precious moment of your dearest child's growth..

We assign each child a primary caregiver to ensure that we can provide the maximum amount of attention. We believe that children can learn and grow when they feel safe and taken care off, are appropriately challenged and mentored, and have strong ties with supporting adults. Through the Kindergarten private school near me, our prime objective to initiate this foundation at such an early age becomes achievable.

Programs for Toddlers: 13 Month to 2 Years

Our toddler programs involve creating a nurturing learning environment with the help of a tailored curriculum. This comprehensive and researched-based curriculum is designed to implement developmentally appropriate nurture learning and practices.

We have lesson plans that increase your kid developing skills in a variety of age-appropriate activities. We allow children to participate in the group every morning and afternoon, where they learn to recognize shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. Besides, our staff encourages kids to maintain healthy social interactions with friends, which helps them be socially constructive.

Programs for Preschool Kids: 3 Years- 4 Years

Our programs for preschool incorporates studies and project-based investigations relevant to the kids' everyday experiences. These planners tap into the children's natural curiosity resulting in a fun and intentional learning environment. Our exceptional staff assists your child in letter recognition, number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, patterning, early writing skills, and more.

The pre-kindergarten classroom focus on content areas that the children need to be familiar with upon entering kindergarten near me. Beginning reading skills, mastering letter recognition, phonics, and the introduction of sight words are just a few of the main focus areas in our pre-kindergarten classroom. We allow our children to participate in teacher-facilitated lessons such as circle time, reading, writing, and math activities each day. We also let our children discover the outside world in playtime, both in the morning and afternoon.

Programs for School Kids: 5 Years - 12 Years

Our comprehensive and research-based curriculum promotes observation and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to build confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. At private kindergarten school near me, we do monitor them with their homework after school. They are after school children except on elementary school break. Our kindergartens programs are curated to allow for open-ended exploration, group projects, and teacher-facilitated activities. Our comprehensive, integrated curriculum aligns with the state's early learning and development merits. These standards feature an understanding of the whole child and support all areas of learning.

This academically rich curriculum focuses on preparing your child for future grades. Thus, we work on developing their reading, writing, and math skills. Children are inherently inquisitive; thereby, we use this trait to encompass their knowledge in science and social studies.