We Didn’t Stop Even In Pandemic

The uncertain times didn’t halt our community participation in kids’ education.

We are taking extra care and strictly following the CDC, state, and local authorities’ guidelines to enhance our existing rigorous procedure and ensure safety. We proceed with our mission statement by incorporating the following requisites.

  • We perform screening of staff and children upon arrival for detecting temperature or any potential symptoms.

  • We provide protective face covering for all staff members/teachers.

  • We conduct regular wellness checks.

  • We make sure about regular hand washing, hand sanitization as well as surface and floor disinfection throughout the day.

  • We try our best to eliminate the threat of contagion individual classroom material kits for each child to eradicate cross-contamination.

What Describes Us

We are more than instructors and guides. Our programs are specially tailored to give children a foundation they can stand on. We prepare kids to think bigger, feel healthier, and aim higher. Choice Learning Center kids are more prepared to meet critical developmental milestones.

Our vision is to create facilities that promote learning, socializing, and fun in beautiful, well-equipped settings with qualified, nurturing, and dedicated mentors. We have invested a personal interest in designing curriculum and facilities. Alongside, as educators, we insist on providing only the highest quality, professional programs and educational child care.

We are always ready to join hands with you to create a customized, high-quality family care solution for your kid. The longer your children stay with us, the better performance they will showcase!

What We Do

Our directive is to provide early learning skills, practical social skills and let each child explore, play and be as inventive as they desire in a safe and cherishing environment. Every day we look forward to helping all of our kids reach their maximum potential. We believe in developing the whole child, which illustrates regular planning for their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Once inspired and motivated after becoming a part of our program, children begin to enjoy learning autonomously, furthering their potential grows exponentially. We take pride in facilitating your child with a supportive and cherishing environment that encourages growth and independence. Our programs will offer you the comfort of knowing every child is safe, loved, and happy as they grow and learn at Choice Learning Center! We value open and quality communication with every parent to bring your child the best opportunities for a well-rounded education.

All activities are designed to nurture our children’s emotional and intellectual growth through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities. Our highly-qualified staff strives to offer a fun, social, and thought-provoking academic program. Working closely with parents through a constructive and unhurried atmosphere, we strive to develop the child’s interest in learning. Our potential to grow and create a loving learning environment is indeed due to our extraordinary team of teachers.

What We Bring At Our Center

A child's domain gradually gets a little mightier every time they step—or crawl, roll, or jump!—into our Choice Learning Center. Here your child can build a skyscraper, cook a fantasy feast, or wipe a stuff toy’s runny nose. Everything in our classrooms is tailored around to meet their unique needs.