Nanushka secures €10 million in funding as it prepares for expansion into the US and Asia

Brand owned by Vanguards and GB & The partners have reached a EUR 10 million mezzanine facility agreement with private credit investment manager SIG-i Capital AG.

New financing brings Nanushka’s valuation to over 100 million euros, according to a press release.

Peter Baldaszti, managing director of the Budapest fashion house, said of the new financing: “This is an important step for Nanushka, which will help decisively end the recent supply chain challenges.” SIG-i Capital, we stand ready to launch new development initiatives and continue the strategic development of our business, knowing that we are well prepared for the economic uncertainty.“

Nanushka is particularly keen to expand into Asia and the United States, two regions where the brand operates through both its own flagship stores and a number of retail partners.

The brand now has over 400 distributors worldwide and has offices in London, Budapest and New York.

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