Lululemon is partnering with textile recycling startup Samsara Eco

Sportswear company Lululemon has announced a new multi-year partnership with textile and apparel recycling company Samsara Eco to strengthen its circular practices.

The brand said that through this partnership, it intends to use the startup’s circular process to create unlimited recycled nylon and polyester from its own products.

Samsara Eco offers the ability to recycle high-performance blends of nylon and polyester, and the duo use clothing waste to create new materials, offering “green alternatives” to the sportswear industry.

Speaking of the partnership, Yogendra Dandapure, vice president of raw material innovation at Lululemon, said in the press release: “Nylon remains our best chance of achieving our 2030 sustainable product goals.

“This partnership shows it can be done.” Collective innovation to solve unmet needs.

“Thanks to Samsara Eco’s patented enzymatic process, we are making strides in converting waste clothing into high-quality nylon and polyester, which will help us achieve our global circular vision.”

The partnership builds on the Be Planet Lululemon’s goals, which aim to create a circular ecosystem by 2030, largely based on the adoption of sustainable materials, shopping experiences such as a returns program, and textile recycling. Paul Riley, CEO and Founder of Samsara Eco, said, “We’re proud that this partnership is revolutionizing the apparel industry.” Samsara Eco’s ability to endlessly recycle blended fabrics, including nylon, offers an important solution to the textile waste problem .

“This has never happened before and partnering with lululemon is an important step that will accelerate the journey towards closing the textile recycling loop.”

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