Nirvana Brands Acquires Lovely Distribution Company to Expand Fragrance Portfolio

Luxury cosmetics retailer Nirvana Brands announced the acquisition of Lovely Distribution Company as it intends to capitalize on the company’s luxury fragrance portfolio.

With this acquisition, Nirvana expects to expand its product line while unlocking greater growth opportunities in the luxury cosmetics industry.

In a press release, Dilesh Mehta, CEO and owner of UK brand Nirvana Brands, welcomed Lovely Distribution to the company, adding: “Her experience in developing and distributing leading fragrance brands fits perfectly with our mission to provide high quality luxury cosmetics products for our customers and consumers.”

The Lovely Distribution Company line, which includes Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrance Lovely, will be added to Nirvana Brands’ existing portfolio to further strengthen its position as a luxury fragrance distributor by expanding its to strengthen its offering as the company plans to continue to seek growth opportunities by expanding its portfolio.

Andre Frenkle, former CEO of Lovely Distribution, commented on the acquisition: “This is an exciting time for our company and our fragrance category.

“By working with Nirvana Brands, we can offer our customers even more value and bring innovative new products to market.”

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