What’s New for Local Businesses in Google My Business

Let’s say you started your own business. The office you rented is a 22 x 14 foot Sprinter van. Every day you will find a new challenge at a new location in the areas you are responsible for. You may be a plumber, electrician or landscape architect, but first and foremost you are an entrepreneur. We recently rolled out updates to Google My Business. You can now share your business and company information through Google Maps and search so you can be found every day and reach many people searching for businesses similar to yours. .

For new business owners, we will guide you through the setup process with instructions from your local service provider. The process begins with the question, “Would you like to add a place for customers to visit, such as a store or office?” If not, you’ll be directed to a path designed specifically for service providers. This route allows you to add different areas that you cover instead of a static address, so potential customers who find your business profile on Google know you cover their area.

Service ranges vary by company.To help your customers provide the most accurate information possible, you can configure your service area by adding specific zip codes or cities that you cover. Given the changes every business is going through, these settings can be adjusted as needed, so you don’t have to worry about being locked out of a particular area.

If you’re an existing Google My Business user, you can now edit your business information on the Google My Business dashboard. You’ll notice that Service Area and Business Address can now be edited separately. If the address doesn’t match your company, you can simply delete it.

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